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'Filha do Mar' from Alejandra Glez

The sea, source of wonder, loss and memory, in turn entails the possibility of a spiritual hold, of a theophanic essence. Accordingly, Filha do Mar explores an axiom: the sea represents the space and place to which women inevitably belong; a place of belonging and encounter. On the other hand, the exhibition also intertwines two cosmologies of Afro-Caribbean religiosity, Yorùbá and Taína. More than a physical substance, water is the lifeblood of the Yorùbá identity, central to their myths due to its healing and sacred properties. This spiritual connection acts as a leitmotif for Alejandra Glez, who seeks to unfold her religious practice and life experiences through her artistic work: generating a mutable and sublime symbolism of the oceans as a tangible manifestation of multiple divinities.

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